lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

Blue Valentine´s Day

She sends me my blue valentines
to remind me of my cardinal sin
I can never wash the guilt
or get these bloodstains off my hands
and it takes a lot of whiskey
to take this nightmares go away
And I cut my bleedin heart out every nite
And I die a little more on each st. valentines day
Remember that I promised I would
write you...
These blue valentines

(Tom Waits. Blue Valentines. Elektra Entertainment / Wea, 1978. Video: secuencia de El hombre del brazo de oro (1955) de Otto Preminger. Con guión --basado en la novela homónima de Nelson Algren-- de Walter Newman y Lewis Meltzer. Interpretes: Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak, Eleanor Parker, Arnold Stang, Darren McGavin, Doro Merande y Robert Strauss)